Stefano Ricci

Leader in Men's Fashion

Stefano Ricci - An International Luxury Fashion and Lifestyle company, was founded in 1972 by the Florentine designer Stefano Ricci with a true 100% Made in Italy philosophy.
Unique pieces, completely hand-designed, are conceived for an international clientele, not led by price but by the search for excellence. The menswear collection consists of a wide range of menswear-suits, dress shirts, jeans, polo shirts, casual wear, neckties, exclusive cufflinks, leather goods, fragrances and watches.
The sartorial tradition of Stefano Ricci is a byword for excellence and perfection.

Diamantis is an official exclusive representative of Stefano Ricci brand in Greece and Balkans.

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Luxury clothing for contemporary playboys
For too long, the playboys, fortune-makers and empire-builders of the world have been forgotten. It’s time, once again, for these icons of masculine power to rise and take their rightful place at the centre of the sartorial stage.
Billionaire presents an extravagant, rich wardrobe for mature men who are unafraid of who they are and who they want to be.

Diamantis is an official representative of Billionaire brand.

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Setting rules in Fashion
Brioni products are distributed globally through directly-owned boutiques and a network of selected department & specialty stores.
Founded in 1945, Brioni is recognized as the world’s most prestigious menswear couture house. Brioni develops and manufactures sartorial men's ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, eyewear, and fragrances.

Diamantis is an official representative of Brioni brand.

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The Made-in-Italy Tradition.
Bertolo’s ethic reflects the best of the ‘made-in-Italy’ tradition. This involves prioritising know-how, a distinctive style, careful attention to creating meticulously handmade products and traditional workmanship.
Innovating while at the same time remaining faithful to tradition takes courage. This is exemplified by creating fabric on a traditional loom while using the most up-to-date weave and design. This is one of the unique ways in which Bertolo's traditional approach to textiles always stays in step with the times.

Diamantis is an official representative of Bertolo brand.

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CC Corneliani

Quality is a matter of perception.
Everything is all about quality and experience that makes us live better, in terms of what we wear, or how we admire a landscape or listen to a song. Men around the world choose CC Corneliani brand to style their lives to the fullest, through Italian sophistication and excellence.

Diamantis is an official representative of CC Corneliani brand.

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Shoes created by authentic Italian Artisans since 1965
From the moment Elisio and Enrico Fabi decided to start a shoes business in 1965, the concept of quality has been Fabi guiding principle.
Even today, after more than 50 years, this remains the essence of everything that we do at FABI.

Diamantis is an official representative of Fabi brand.

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Style means the thrill of choosing a fabric and thinking that one day it will be worn by a man who knows how to combine elegance and spontaneity with innovation and perfection. A man and his life, his dreams, his emotions. A fabric that will become part of a unique story. This is Cortigiani. Every detail speaks of craftsmanship and love for beautiful things: from the belt contour to the reinforced seam, from the kick tape and handmade topstitching, made according to ancient traditions.

Diamantis is an official representative of Cortigiani brand.

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Pal Zileri

Pal Zileri is redefining traditional tailoring by giving life to a global, everyday men’s fashion experience.
Sophisticated, creative and contemporary: the new world of Pal Zileri embodies a truly timeless aesthetic. Paving the way are a clear and defined set of principles, an array of outstanding colours and exclusive details that act as a tribute to individual style. Technical prowess and artistry come together to form new, elegant styles where the understated is very much a statement. With this in mind, Pal Zileri has chosen lagoon green as its new signature shade; a mixture of eternal beauty, tradition and modern style.

Diamantis is an official representative of Pal Zileri brand.

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Made in Italy – Tradition and innovation – A modern evolution on time-honoured craftsmanship
Over time, the defining points of Italian craftsmanship, such as utmost quality, handcraft and superb details, have remained remarkably intact. These traits continue to characterise Santoni today and contribute to its leading status among the world’s most coveted luxury brands.

Diamantis is an official representative of Santoni brand.

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Roberto Botticelli

This journey is the story of the company’s life and values.
Aldo Botticelli was the founder. With him the old workshop evolved into a “factory”. His son Roberto is the continuer. The author of the success. The brand Botticelli is a global brand which represents the new philosophy of luxury products, destined to be universal status symbols.

Diamantis is an official representative of Roberto Botticelli brand.

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